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About the College

Moulana College of Arts, Science and Commerce,Chennara affiliated to University of Calicut started its, pursuit of intellectual quest, amelioration and scholarly pursuit with a simple beginning in the year 2013. This Esteemed Institutions are initiated to meet the growing demands of specialization because of the untiring efforts of the noble founders of Muhammad Yaseen, President of Moulana Charitable Society,Kuttayi with the belief that education field is a service to the society. At present we have grown to a sizeable and quite impressive strength. The newly constructed college looks majestic with magnitude, well facilitated blocks and highly qualified dedicated and experienced faculty members. We transform the students into global professionals of 21st century. We equip the students with sustaining success in studies and help them to exhibit their hidden potential and power. We have 10 courses in this academic year which are BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)., BA (English)., BA (Sociology)., B.Com with Finance., B.Com with CA.,B.Com with Co-Operation.,B.Com with Travel and Tourism.,B.B.A., B.Sc (Maths)., B.Sc (Psychology). We try to mould the future into a meaningful and delightful one.


Digital Elysium – The Computer Science lab of our college is a huge hum of advanced technology. All the computers in our lab possess updated software and advanced configuration that keeps up with the trend of the growing world. A seamless internet connection is the heart and soul of the lab. The lab has its own smart board connected to an LCD projector.


Every classroom in our college is well equipped, airy and spacious with proper ventilation. Apart from having the regular black board, our classrooms are smart as they possess a multimedia projector with surround system. They also contain comfortable seating arrangements.


To provide the right information at the right time in the right form to the users. To develop a habit of deep of and advanced studies of subjects beyond the text books of subjects, in students. To enhance the understanding of different subjects or disciplines among the students. To prepare the students as an intelligent aware, informative and enlightened to play the role of a responsible citizen. To impart qualitative and quantitative academic service to the community. It assists the research works and lays down the initiative base for research work in students. To exploit knowledge through state-of-art technology. To satisfy the academic needs in turn serve the society through the vision and mission of the college. To preserve and provide global access to knowledge created in and by the college. To provide flexible and responsive physical and virtual spaces.




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